European Association of Tissue and Cell Banks (EATCB)

European Association of Tissue and Cell Banks (EATCB) is a scientific society gathering medical personnel involved in various aspects of tissue and cell banking from its foundation in 1991. EATCB is focussed on altruistic donation of tissues and cells and promotes WHO Guiding Principles on Transplantation providing orderly, ethical rules for the use of human cells, tissues and organs for therapeutic purposes. Tissue and cell banking is a field of a medicine whose task is to prepare and store tissues procured from deceased or obtained from living donors, as well as isolation of cells procured from living donors used for treatment of patients. Banked tissues and cells are used in many areas of medicine for purposes of surgical treatment of traumas, degenerative diseases, congenital or acquired defects and reconstructions in oncology. Blood stem cells are used in treatment of hematologic malignancies.

Tissues and cells processed in tissue banks have been recognised for years as a gift of the society to the patients subjected to surgical transplant procedures. Voluntary and unpaid donation promoted from the very beginning of tissue banking activities has been recognised as one of the pillars supporting transplantation medicine, which has been reflected in the European regulations of tissue and cell banking. The EATCB has many diverse functions. EATCB supports European and other international endeavours to improve tissue banking.

The EATCB works with regulators to constantly strive for greater safety and efficacy. And finally, EATCB holds annual congresses to provide a forum for scientific, ethical and clinical activities relating to tissue banking and to provide a forum for presentation of research and collaborative working. For more information about the EATCB, its members in all medical, scientific and other professional activities associated with tissue banking, please visit: